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Friday, March 23, 2012

All Night Live Art at Paddy's

We attempted something like this oh about 2 years ago. Giving it a whirl once again. In collaboration with &Them, we are hosting a live art show on Saturday April 7th, from 9 pm to 4 am. Yes, you did read it correctly. Saturday 7th 9 at night, to Sunday 8th 4 in the morning.

We have a line up of artists all eager to come out that night to indulge in their artistic creativity. Music, DJ's, artists, friends, supporters, all coming over to Paddy's Saturdy April 7th 9 pm. Why drive all the way across the bridges, paying toll, driving round and round the block to find parking, when all you have to do is hang around at Paddy's in Union City. You might just need a designated driver to drive you after getting buzzed on all the art talent that will be on hand. Oh yeah, lest we forget, the caffeine buzz as well :)

See you April 7th, 9 pm.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Saving FAJ (Filipino Advocates for Justice)

Paddy's Coffee House and the FAJ have a storied and wonderful relationship. Some of our colleagues were from FAJ, and we have seen their passion in community involvement.

FAJ recently got word that their funding from the Alameda County is being taken away and given to a 90+million dollar organisation based out of So Cal, which operates in various counties.

It is shocking that an Union City based organisation, deeply involved in community activities will cease in two weeks. The prevention education, alternative activities, problem identification and referral and community-based process model that FAJ built in Union City will be sorely missed. FAJ's collaborative of partners (New Haven Unified School District, Communities Organized for Renewal, Asian Community Mental Health and the various Union City youth support committees are at a loss as to how they will fill the hole in the violence and alcohol/drug prevention infrastructure FAJ helped knit together over the last 10 years in particular.

On our part, whenever we saw a community problem that needed to be addressed, we immediately turned to our friends in FAJ. Paddy's and FAJ have done various community outreach in the past, including Safe Sex practices among the youth, Bone Marrow Drives, Voter Education, Immigration assistance. And first hand, we have seen the dedication and passion that the organisation brings to the table.

We don't look at FAJ as Filipino Advocates for Justice, but rather we look at FAJ as Freedom, Awareness and Justice for all.

To help save FAJ, please show your support by writing your letters of support to the elected officials of Hayward,Union City, Fremont, Newark and also to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

Career Advice

We are flattered that our colleagues and the students that study at Paddy's, ask us for an opinion :) Of late, one of the most requested questions is, Should we continue with grad school or take a break, go to work and then pursue grad school ?

We are of the school of thought that when you are academically fresh, then continue and finish off all academic requirements and then get into the professional work force. We knew the students are saddled with debt, but our reasoning was, if you take a break, then a whole new life opens up and there are a lot of distractions. Once these distractions enter your day to day life, it will become difficult to bring your focus back on academia.

The other school of thought opines that a break from academia is good. It will rejuvenate your thought process and allow you to pay off some debt.

We have seen examples of both schools at Paddy's. Students continuing all the way to phd's etc, and then entering the work force. And we have also seen students who have taken a break, entered the work force, worked for a few years, and then plunging back into academia either full time or part time. In both schools, we have seen the joys and the frustrations.

Would like to hear from all of you who have walked this course of life. Pretty sure there are students reading this who would value your thoughts and opinions.