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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Health and Wellness meet - August 11th 2011, 7 pm

Antoinette Reyes Terrel, a SF Bay Area native grew up as a sick child having on countless illnesses such as pneumonia, ear infections, sinusitis, tonsillitis, upper respiratory lung infections, and bronchitis. Her medicine cabinet was full of OTC/Rx medications. Then one day, she started getting sick and tired of always being ‘sick and tired’. When her son was born, he followed in her footsteps. Today, she believes most of their sicknesses were due to toxicity which also caused her son’s food and environmental allergies. Antoinette will share her life’s journey from being a sick child to her son’s similar condition, and what she has learned thus far. She has a strong desire to establish a support group within the community by sharing the cause, creating awareness, and learning from others.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

August artists

Paddy's has always prided itself on promoting local artistic talent. And when the opportunity presented itself to us recently, we jumped at it gleefully. &Them is a collective of local artists, and our most ardent supporters. They are bringing together some really talented artists to be featured at Paddy's.

The artists being featured are for the most part local talent. Some of them have been featured at Paddy's before. Click on the artist names for more information.

Wayne Chan : (aka Turtle Wayne)
Laura Ho
Bryant Sina


Starting August, we have new curators for our art walls. And you will definitely ask, who are what is &Them. They are a collective of 5 people from artistic backgrounds, who have banded together to bring the talents of some really remarkable artists to the fore.

If you notice the walls of Paddy's bare for the nonce, it is because we are getting ready for their grand opening show in the beginning of August. For more information on &Them, visit their web site at or check their facebook page

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 4th Holiday hours

Oh yes, the long week end is upon us. And with it, some gorgeous sunshine. Paddy's hours for this week end is as follows

Friday July 1st : closing at 5.00 pm (unforeseen circumstances necessitate an early closing)
Saturday July 2nd : 5 am to 11 pm
Sunday July 3rd : 8 am to 11 pm
Monday July 4th : 8 am to 4 pm

Regular hours from July 5th onwards

Thanks for your support and we wish you all a safe and wonderful July 4th week end.

Start Up Tech Hub - July 2011

Oh what a glorious turnout for the previous Tech Hub meet. It far exceeded our expectations, being our first try and attempt. Union City Patch wrote a wonderful article about the Tech Hub meet. Our Tech Hub meets every 3rd Saturday of the month from 2 to 4 pm.

This month promises to be even more interesting. Presentations, presentations, presentations, networking galore, what more can one ask for.

Jack Herrington will be talking about software development for the mobile platform, and we are also going to feature two startups. They are eager to share and discuss their product with you.

Please help us spread the word, and make this a true Silicon Valley success story.

Health and Wellness meet - July 2011

It was a successful community gathering in June, when Maria Inciong and her family talked about her battle with breast cancer. That has now given us an impetus to continue the Health and Wellness series.

For July 2011, community member Chris Cara will be talking on his ongoing struggles with Diabetes. Chris Cara, apart from being one of our ardent supporters, is also associated with Filipino Advocates for Justice. He will be talking not only about his struggles with Diabetes, but also how it affects the Asian American and the Filipino Community in particular. Very truly, an evening not to be missed but an evening to be shared.

For more information, please visit

Coffee for the month of July 2011

Like a Zombie during the months of winter to saying Namaste to spring, we now ease into summer. And what better way to greet summer than to have our very own Reti Blend as our coffee for the month of July 2011.

So what is Reti ? Depending on whom you talk to, Reti means Sand in Sanskrit, Reti means Grassy Plain, meadow land in Hungarian, and either way, it conveys the smoothness of the blend. It tastes great as an Espresso drink or a good ol' coffee drink.

Head on over to Paddy's and enjoy a cup of our Reti Blend.