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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Joy to behold

Not only have we seen relationships made, broken, brokered, but we have also been privileged in welcoming, what we call "coffee house babies". Parents would proudly walk in, announce that they are expecting. Next thing we know, they walk in with their little one.

And nothing gives us greatest pleasure in watching the growth of the little ones. From being carried around in a portable crib to a stroller to their first steps, and pretty soon, we see them going to Alvarado Elementary or Eastin and then they are in Alvarado Middle School.

Likewise, we have seen students graduate from the Middle School to Logan High to college and now entering the professional world. At each stage, we have been honoured to talk to them, marvel at their growth and guide them in their moments of bewilderment.

Does this make us a fossilized institution ?

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