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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tales from the Vault

Elderly couple come in toting one laptop. Really nice elderly couple. Not sure if they were coming to Paddy's, pre or post doctor visit. Nevertheless, husband powers up the laptop, starts doing his work, wife busies herself reading the newspaper or what have you. Blissful peace reigns for a couple hours.

Then it is the wife's turn to use the laptop. Husband sits on the other recently vacated chair. Wife starts using the laptop and we start hearing sounds from her laptop use. Turns out she is busy playing games. After a bit, husband interjects her for something, gets yelled at, "Can't you see I am busy playing games ? " :) :) Brought a smile to our features, reminds us so much of our household. Wife yelling at us when we interject and interrupt her during her gaming activities. Deja vu. Relationship is the same everywhere.

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