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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Smoothies and freezes

Paddy's has a new lineup of smoothies now, to quench and satiate your taste buds. Here is the line up of smoothies with our description on the funky nomenclature.

- Starry Brew : Strawberry Smoothie (Starry Brew is also an anagram for Strawberry)
A star in its own right. Our delicious Strawberry Smoothie

- StrawMan : Strawberry Mango Smoothie
Need that tickling tingling taste. StrawMan to your rescue. A delicious blend of Strawberry and Mango
- Starry Munky : Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Feeling mischievous ? Starry Munky, a wonderful blend of Strawberry and Banana for a fun life.
- OhManGo : Mango Smoothie
Walk Tall with our perfect Mango smoothie.
- Aloha Paddy : Tropical Passion Smoothie
Can’t go to the islands ? Let the fruits of the Island come to you. Guava, Tropical Passion, Mango, all in one cup. Umbrellas not included.
- StrawLime : Strawberry Lemonade (errr, we lost our way on this nomenclature)
Answer to a parched throat. Drench yourself with our StrawLime Smoothie.
- BerryPaddy : The Berry Smoothie
Get a healthy energy boost at Paddy’s with our BerryPaddy Smoothie, a blend of delicious berries rich with anti-oxidants.

Apart from smoothies, we have also have Vanilla Freeze, Mocha Freeze, Green Tea Match Freeze, Peppermint Chiller and yes, The Bomb Diggity Yo Freeze

Come by for a sip

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