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Friday, August 19, 2011

Who or what is AndThem ?

If you leave it upto Paddy himself, art shows would never happen at the coffee house. Paddy would not know a pencil from a pen :) Art shows have traditionally been handled by Union City Leisure Services. With the burgeoning youth art movement, they felt it opportune to hand over the curating duties to an extremely talented group of youngsters who called themselves AndThem.

In their own words, AndThem are Creative Conspirators for a Creative Mind. You can find out more information about them on their facebook page. 5 extremely talented youngsters who have hosted successful shows in San Fransisco, and wanted to return their experience to the roots where they grew up from.

While we are familiar and friendly with all of them, Francis Ramos and Kevin Correa have a deep association with Paddy's. We knew Francis since he was a high school kid, constantly hanging out at Paddy's, and every second day, asking us for a job. Told him, finish high school, and we will give you a job. Guess what, he finished high school and promptly we signed him on board. We have never regretted that move ever since.

We encouraged his talent of photography, had him take part in a couple of shows, introduced him to other like minded individuals and watched his talent and confidence burgeon beyond belief. Even though Francis has moved on professionally from Paddy's, whenever we are in a bind, he still helps us out, and for that, young Francis, from all of us a big thank you.

Kevin Correa, what can we say about him ? His boisterous laugh and jokes bring about a glory every day. We first met Kevin when he swaggered in to an open mic night organised by Bindlestiff way back in 2003. The beret perched at an angle, the poetry book flourished with a panache, and the poetry spoken with all the poise in the world. And in those days he had more hair and less tattoos. Apart from being the theatre director for Bindlestiff, Kevin also helps out scores of students hanging out at Paddy's with their math homework. Yup, theatre and mathematics are his forte.

We only recently met the other 3/5 of AndThem, and it is our misfortune that we did not have the pleasure of meeting and knowing them earlier. And so Chevon, Neal and Remy, welcome to the house known as Paddy's Coffee House.

From all of us at Paddy's, here is wishing AndThem the greatest success.

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