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Monday, October 31, 2011

How is Paddy's coping in this economy ?

We have all seen, read, heard and felt the pains of living on a daily basis the past few years. Folks are bewildered and look askance at the sorry state of affairs that we are in. The common man got hit the hardest by the collapse of the housing and finance markets. Yet it was the common man that bailed out the industries when they went begging to the federal government. And with due apologies for using a street expression, the common man has now got the shaft.

From our perspective, Paddy's is both the consumer and provider. We are a true main street retail organisation. We are seeing first hand the devastation that the economy has caused. Our business has indeed suffered, no sugar coating that. But even with that struggle of keeping our doors open and business afloat, we hired new staff. In a small minute way, we are doing our best to stimulate and keep the economy going. We never lose our smile and cheer.

The last couple years have indeed been very hard on us. We have seen and felt the loss of jobs in the area. Customers have moved, businesses closed, shrinking income in the households, but through it all,we have persevered and stayed true. We have kept our doors open for you to seek refuge from the stresses of the outside world. And we strive to make that fleeting moment that you spend at Paddy's, a pleasurable one. And that we promise, is something that is never going to change.

Indeed, while the political landscape is fraught with negativity and rigidity, you can escape to Paddy's for some good ol' fashioned civility and cheer.

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