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Monday, October 31, 2011

What does the Occupy Movement mean to you ?

News filters in from various sources and various cities. Seems like almost every city in America nay the world is awash with the protest movement. The populace is getting restless and seeking a change to the status quo.

Now you might drink coffee or you might drink tea, does not matter your affinity. It matters that you are drinking a beverage of your choice and choosing to belong to a section of the populace that likes that particular beverage, and in your own way, propogating the virtues of that beverage.

The movement that is taking place is a movement that revels in its lack of leadership. Everyone is a leader and a follower. It is a true grass roots movement. Their main platform is controlling or reversing the economic disparity that is so blatantly and shamelessly visible. The common man has been sacrified at the altar of corporate lobbying by the elected representatives, and this is is the change that needs to be done. The question that begs to be answered : are the elected representatives accountable to the people who voted them in, or are they accountable to the lobbyists who fund their elections.And there in lies the future of this great nation.

It is a virtual gridlock in the DC political system. Compromise and mediation are words that are considered anathema. To a certain extent, we the citizens of this country have brought it upon ourselves by becoming too soft and apathetic to the erosion of the civic boundaries and morality.

How do we citizens bring about the change or participate in the change ? Paddy's Coffee House is having a community wide debate on this topic "What does the Occupy Movement mean to you ?" on Wednesday November 9th from 6 pm to 9 pm. We invite all community members to come and share their stories of frustration and despair, we invite the elected officials to listen to what the community has to say, and yes, we certainly invite the lobbyists to peer into the cauldron of anger that is simmering in the nation.

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