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Monday, March 28, 2011

8 years and counting

Paddy's Coffee House has been around for 8 years and more. Having just starting writing about our experiences, it's difficult to encapsulate 8 years of stories in such a short span, so bear with us while we unravel the threads of our memory.

During this 8 years, we have become a part and parcel of the community, and we fervently hope that it is for the better. We have involved ourselves in promoting and encouraging local arts and talent. We were quite taken aback at the abundance of talent in the neighbourhood. And it warms the cockles of our heart that the community counts on us to keep this talent flowing, and we promise you, we will not render it asunder.

In these past 8 years, we have seen relationships made, relationships broken, marriages, divorces, childbirth, grand parent hood, graduations, promotions et all, in short the complete complement of the community. And through it all, we have made innumerable friends, and we continue to remain friends.

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