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Monday, March 28, 2011

What is our purpose and mission ?

And it all started rather innocuously. Constructions costs and over runs left us with no alternative but to bite the bullet and thrown open the doors without a soft opening or a grand opening. Marketing budget was nothing but a wonderful joke.

And despite all that, here we are, still living up to our purpose and mission. It is always about providing the best service, in a most pleasing and humble manner. It is about providing you with a good beverage of your choice. Encourage and nurture the talent that exists in the neighbourhood. Promote civic and social responsibility. Be a friend, philosopher and guide to the youth and to everyone else. Listen and grow with the feedback. And most important of all, banning the word NO from the lexicon.

We have been fortunate to have really good colleagues to work with who have expounded and adhered to our purpose and mission. And we trust, that you have had no recourse for complaints.

Yes, we have erred and strayed in our purpose. Circumstances dictated that we do so. It is a reflection on the frailty of the human in us all.

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