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Thursday, March 24, 2011

So why Paddy's

We are always asked about the history and reason behind Paddy's. Why quit the software industry and venture into this ? And why in the world, do we have to be so ruddy cheerful at 5 in the morning ?

Having bumbled around in the software industry for nigh on 20 years, figured the time was ripe for change. Always liked coffee and hanging out at coffee houses, so that was a logical decision. Once that was made, apprenticed nay volunteered at local coffee houses and restaurants, got some ins and outs, and then decided to start our own.

Every thing about coffee houses is location, location, location. Drove around looking for an ideal location, and finally found our ideal location

Started the build out in 2002, and with time and money running out with construction costs and and other delays, we decided to plunge in and open our doors and thus on February 1st 2003, Paddy's arrived in Old Alvarado, Union City.

Our first customer was Ruben Uriarte. And yes, he has been a loyal supporter and friend ever since.

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