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Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Coffee Blends

We get our coffees roasted from McLaughlin Coffee. They are a great company to work with and oh have we bothered them a bit.

We carry quite a few of their coffees, and also our own proprietary blends. A short history on some of the blends.

Java Dawgz blend is named after the Java Dawgz group, that meet at Paddy's on Fridays. They are a great bunch of people, almost all in the vet industry, working with animals, either on their own or with zoos etc.

Twiga Blend was derived talking to some members of the Java Dawgz Group. Twiga is a giraffe in the Oakland Zoo, and aptly, this blend is a blend of coffees from the Giraffe migration path in Africa.

Tres Felinos is a blend of Latin American Coffees, and this was inspired actually by a radio commercial. Yes, we do listen to the radio.

Reti blend is in a round about way, one of the by products during the testing stages of Twiga. It tastes great as an Espresso drink or an afternoon coffee drink. So what is Reti ? Depending on whom you talk to, Reti means Sand in Sanskrit, Reti means Grassy Plain, meadow land in Hungarian, and either way, it conveys the smoothness of the blend.

Namaste blend was designed by one of our colleagues. And it conveys the simplicity and complexity of the coffee bean. Namaste is Hindi for "Greetings", and given the context and personalities involved, it can be a simple form of greeting or a highly respected and revered form of greeting.

Zombie blend is another blend designed by one our colleagues, and boy can it make the Zombies walk straight ??? :)

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